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Grauer Technologies, LLC is owned and operated by Chris Grauer. Chris started working in the computer field in 2001 as an intern for a local ISP (internet service provider). While working at the ISP, he learned how to run and terminate networking cable, configure routers, install and repair servers and workstations, LAN system administration, managed services for servers, Data Center management, help desk and Web/mail hosting.  Chris worked his way from the bottom of the ladder to the top, he started as an intern and finished as the Data Center Manager. 

Chris Grauer eventually left the ISP for a job with a consulting firm that specialized in servicing law offices, and politicians.  As a consultant he was in charge of maintaining mail/file servers and performing the duties of an in house help desk. He  left the consulting firm to return to school, and starting consulting on his own as a part time job. Simply by word of mouth and referrals from satisfied customers his part time job has quickly grown into a full time career.

The approach taken by Grauer Technologies is designed specifically for small to medium businesses, creating affordable access to skilled consultants and technicians resulting in the successful use of technology. We provide an alternative to the dilemma of diverting employees with other responsibilities or for the need to hire an in-house technician when a full time need may not exist.  Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with clients, to resolve clients' technological issues and to consult with clients to plan for an effective technology plan. To accomplish this goal, we look for ways to simplify matters whenever possible and to provide timely and efficient responses to your needs. We endeavor to make ourselves as seamless as one of  your own employees.



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